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In practice, the commissioning process comprises the integrated application of a set of engineering techniques and procedures to check, inspect and test operational components and prove engineering systems.

Commissioning is applicable to all phases of a project. It starts with conceptual design and extends through detailed design, procurement, construction, and final handover. Then it must be maintained throughout the operation of the asset.

The main objective of commissioning is to effect the safe and orderly handover of the asset from the constructor to the owner, ensuring its operability in terms of performance, reliability, safety, information traceability, energy consumption and maintainability, meet required standards. The importance of effective commissioning management cannot be overestimated. Yet despite this, it is not always carried out as effectively as it should be.

Effective commissioning is an essential factor in delivering facilities that provide optimal occupant comfort, low energy consumption and the resultant low carbon footprint. Engineering Commissioning Services has significant experience acting as commissioning managers. Our commissioning managers are registered with the Commissioning Specialist Association and have been responsible for the delivery of many prestigious projects ranging from highly technical mission critical facilities to multi-use projects across many market sectors.

The markets in which Engineering Commissioning Services specialise include:

  • Buildings – commercial, retail, institutional and government
  • Health
  • Mission Critical facilities
  • Infrastructure
  • Industrial

Improving energy efficiency also reduces carbon emissions. Our experience in delivering buildings with high environmental ratings and other ecologically sustainable initiatives are hallmarks of our service offering. This allows us to recommend the adoption of sound sustainable practices and outcomes for our clients.

We recommend commissioning is considered when a building is in the preliminary stages of design. This helps to maximise the benefits of thorough commissioning evaluations and ensures that they are incorporated into the early stages of a project’s planning life cycle.

We also recognise the importance of re-commissioning existing buildings. The operational efficiencies of buildings degrade over time and re-commissioning buildings helps to improve their performance, increase comfort levels and reduce operating costs.

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