Matthew is a Commissioning Manager and General Manager of Engineering Commissioning Services.

With industry experience in the residential, commercial and mission critical sectors, he has extensive experience in the commissioning of mechanical, hydraulic and fire protection systems and a sound working knowledge for the commissioning of all building services systems.

Matthew, previously to joining ECS, specialised in tri-generation, co-generation and solar thermal systems for a contracting company where he gained practical experience with the design, installation, and commissioning of these systems. From this experience, he has gained a sound working knowledge of gas engines, heat exchangers and associated hydronic and electrical systems.

Matthew’s strengths are his combination of both his theoretical and practical experience, all of which make him a both an inspirational leader and a valuable asset to the ECS team.

Give us an overview of your team and global reach?

Our team is diverse. We’re comprised of mechanical and electrical engineers and commissioning and mechanical technicians. This brings a broad range of skills to the table and provides our clients with a well rounded and technically experienced team. We’re currently situated in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, with a hybrid spot in Wellington, and hope to expand our global reach in the not-too-distant future.

What makes good commissioning?

First and foremost, understanding that it’s a process which stems from design to handover and beyond. It’s providing the necessary commentary, documentation, sequencing and execution required to ensure a space operates as intended.

It is not: turn up at the end of the project, tick a few boxes and send a report. Unfortunately, this appears to be the industry norm.

Why did you choose commissioning?

I don’t think I chose commissioning. I was gifted an opportunity to be part of this niche industry by Neil Caswell and Martin McGrath and found it actually aligns with my personality.

I have a drive to understand how things work, how to fix them if they don’t work and use the lessons learned to minimise the risk of issues occurring again.

What’s a commissioning myth you’d like to debunk?

There are a couple of myths that, through this commissioning-dedicated week, I’m hoping we can share.

  • Commissioning isn’t just the ‘site-based stuff’. It’s a thread that’s woven into the fabric of a project to tie it all together.
  • Construction program blow outs won’t impact commissioning. A program blow out is a commissioning recipe for disaster. If 8 weeks’ worth of commissioning is compressed into 2 weeks, this leads to further issues and delays.

Which engineer has taught you the most?

There are two engineers that I’ve spent the most part of my young career learning from, Martin McGrath and Troy Wilks. The vast amount of technical and practical knowledge they have in the commissioning of electrical, mechanical, fire, hydraulics and controls systems is unmatched. It’s a privilege to work alongside them.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned at ECS?

Treat every project with the same diligence and quality, regardless of the size and scale.

What professional relationships do you value the most?

Working with people who understand and value the role that commissioning plays in a project.

What does Making Spaces Work mean to you?

In the ECS team, this means ensuring spaces work as they were intended. To me, it’s going above and beyond to ensure our clients expectations are exceeded.

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