Mission Critical

Mission Critical facilities, whether it be a data centre, call centre, trading floor, distribution centres, airports, manufacturing process or hospital, are expected to run continuously, reliably, and also automatically respond to equipment and utility supply failure events. This can only be assured if a meticulous, comprehensive, and structured quality assured commissioning method is undertaken from design and planning to handover to production.

Mission Critical facilities and processes are key to data processing, communications, trading and manufacturing industries who rely on these to remain competitive and drive business reliability and efficiency.

Not only are these operational requirements important but also these industries often require a fast paced construction to meet business demands and often are built in a modular scalar arrangement to allow capitol costs to be expended in a just in time approach. These are often in conflict with the risk averse approach to normal operational requirements and as a result require a careful and planned approach.

Accordingly, the commissioning process for mission critical projects requires a well-planned and comprehensive process to provide certainty that the end product meets resiliency and redundancy requirements. In addition, for data centre and manufacturing facilities energy consumption is reaching very large scales so energy efficiency is also a very important factor.

ECS has extensive experience and knowledge in mission critical facilities. We can bring our commissioning management skills to assist our clients for these challenging and comprehensive projects.

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Commissioning Management

Commissioning management is a process-driven approach that provides a step-by-step methodology for each stage of a construction project from schematic design through to building fine tuning and final handover.


Independent Commissioning Agent (Green Star ICA)

Our collaborative and inclusive performance of the ICA role, by ensuring the early engagement of the building engineering services contractors, assists in delivering a co-ordinated all services approach to commissioning for the award of the Green Star credits associated with Commissioning and Fine Tuning.


Commissioning Authority (LEED)

Our commissioning methodology and associated documentation readily translates to the LEED assessment process and assists our clients to achieve the desired outcomes for the grant of a LEED certification.


Soft Landings

The Soft Landings Framework aims to facilitate a collaborative and informed approach to the handover process such that there is a seamless transition from construction to operations.


Recommissioning & Building Tuning

Recommissioning is a worthwhile regular exercise that should often follow a noticeable increase in energy consumption, water consumption or increase in tenant complaints about comfort levels.