ECS are proud to have been part of the commissioning team who recently handed over Perth’s latest data centre NEXTDC P2. Multiple ‘firsts’ made this project a unique experience for our very experienced mission critical team.

The stringent testing regimes that are required for successful delivery of Mission Critical Infrastructure are always a challenge, however the team on the NEXTDC P2 project have been among the best that ECS have worked with – there was a huge sense of collaboration and the project team worked incredibly well together with the client to deliver the facility on time in a fully operational state from day one.

Our regular commissioning management scope was extended to manage the Uptime Institute certification to some of the highest standards, with completely fault tolerant infrastructure providing full system redundancy. Due to current global pandemic and associated travel restrictions, the required validation and verification were conducted remotely via a combination of both static and  mobile cameras along with graphical data from the facilities management system. With accreditors in attendance from multiple locations across the world. This enabled remote witnessing to take place and has been successfully completed. It was great to hear the positive feedback from all participants.

Many of our projects are facing unique challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s amazing to see the solutions employed to overcome them. The success of this project has led to ECS to further enhance our service offering to include the management of remote witnessing and validations.

Keep a look out for more information in the near future!