Sixty Martin Place delivers some of the most innovative and flexible workspaces in Australia. The Integrated Systems Platform (ISP) has been designed to be a central point to monitor and control all building services at Sixty Martin Place, allowing facility managers to utilise a single interface to operate the building in a holistic manner. All building services are connected to the ISP via an Integrated Communications Network (ICN) using industry standard open protocols.  Each system is independent of all other systems and can therefore be upgraded, maintained, or replaced without impacting other services. Future systems can be added as the building’s requirements evolve.

ECS were engaged by Lendlease to work alongside the ISP and DDC Subcontractor, holding the top level of integration responsibility ensuring that all building service systems can communicate with the ISP, and provide their required functionality as per the design specification. Successful handover was achieved through robust and reliable testing of the integrated building services systems and collaboration and coordination with variety of subcontractors and the large range of different services and systems.





Year completed: