Equinix’s fifth Sydney Colocation Data Centre is a Tier III rated facility. Currently Stage 1 of the structure is complete with a second stage to commence in the near future. The site is designed for modular expansion of its colocation spaces and associated power and cooling infrastructure.

To date Stage 1 including Colocations 4,5 and are complete with some additional cooling and power infrastructure expansion projects for these Colocations are underway. In addition to the above Colocations 1, 2, 3 plus additional power and cooling infrastructure to support these new spaces are currently in progress.

ECS was engaged by Equinix to provide commissioning management services and integrated system testing on the original and second expansion stage. These works followed our successful involvement in expansion projects in Equinix’s SY3 and SY4 facilities.

As part of the Commissioning Authority works included including inspection and verification of the facilities critical electrical, UPS, generator, cooling, fire, hydraulics, controls and security services.

The First stage was delivered at a fast pace and required intensive attendance and coordination with the services contractors at the end of the project to verify all of the systems functioned, interfaced and performed in accordance with the project requirements.

Stage 2, currently underway, not only involves the addition of new Colocations spaces but involves expansion of the HV Services and Generators, Chillers and Chilled Water System and Fire System all of which needs to be done whilst maintaining operation of existing live Colocation spaces. Stage 2 is currently being undertaken in accordance with the current Equinix Global Commissioning Playbook standard

ECS was contracted for this project as we had demonstrated our capability and expertise in the commissioning management of critical infrastructure, and our previous successful roles in previous Equinix projects.