NEXTDC M2 is the first Tier IV data centre in Victoria.

M2 is the second Australian data centre – and the second Asia Pacific co-location data centre – to receive TCCF (Tier IV Certification of Constructed Facility) after NEXTDC’s B2 Brisbane facility.

The main feature of Tier IV certification is Fault Tolerance, and Certification of Constructed Facility shows that NEXTDC’s M2 facility has undergone rigorous on-site audit and testing by ECS, in confirming its ability to withstand individual equipment failures or distribution path interruptions and maintain IT operations.

Previous projects completed on behalf of NEXTDC include the following data centres:

  • M1, Melbourne (Tier III)
  • B1, Brisbane (Tier III)
  • B2, Brisbane (Tier IV)
  • P1, Perth (Tier III)
  • C1, Canberra (Tier III)
  • S1, Sydney (Tier III)
  • Currently working on S2, Sydney (Tier IV)

ECS have completed or are currently engaged on a wide range of prestigious projects. ECS’ core business is Commissioning Management. ECS are currently working on numerous highly technical projects, which set us apart from other commissioning companies. ECS not only prides itself in delivering mission critical projects, for we have successfully commissioned some of the most prestigious commercial developments in Australia:

  • Barangaroo South
  • Sunshine Coast University Hospital
  • Darling Harbour Live Convention, Exhibition and Entertainment Centre
  • SPP NT4 – Melbourne Airport
  • Darling Quarter, Sydney
  • 200 George Street, Sydney
  • 2 Riverside Quay, Melbourne

…to name but a few!

Every project has its challenges: tell me about the most significant ones on this project.

Undoubtedly the biggest challenge came during ISTs when it became apparent the commissioning phase would be compressed. It would have been easier for ECS to ‘stick to the plan.’ Instead we adapted to suit the needs of the project at the time, proving not only that we are able to adapt, but that we can do it well and at short notice!

How did we help the client?

Tier IV accreditation only comes from Uptime Institute and it was clear that NEXTDC were aggressively targeting this. Our role was to get the systems in a state of readiness, such that everybody was confident we would pass testing first time and on time – which we did!

Who were our partners in achieving the final outcome?

Contractors, the Project Manager, the client – NEXTDC. Perhaps most important were our colleagues in the Brisbane office who had recently gained experience with similar systems and the Uptime Institute.

How did we collaborate with these partners, and why was this important?

Each and every contractor played a vital role in getting their systems to where they were by the time we were ready to test. ECS may have overseen ISTs, but it was due to some first rate contractors and ‘can do’ attitudes, in the first place, that this was even possible.

The project manager was pivotal in helping ECS to organise contractors, set up meetings and follow up on outstanding documentation – critical to the ECS review process.

Our colleagues from Brisbane were an invaluable source of first-hand information. It was our constant communication that stood us in good stead when commissioning became compressed. Firstly we recognised the warning signs that this was going to happen, as we had been briefed about the same scenarios at B2. Knowing what then happened at B2, ECS Melbourne were then in a good position to adapt before testing commenced at M2.

NEXTDC themselves were great in the trust they bestowed on ECS, (apparently not something that has always come easy for NEXTDC in the past). It was this freedom which allowed ECS to show NEXTDC what we can do. It worked really well in the end and was a great success.

Tell me what excited you about this project?

The challenge of having to get things right first time, given how little time we had in the end for commissioning. Sink or swim!

Why does this project matter?

ECS take pride in being the largest Commissioning Manager in Australia. We are the biggest for a reason – because we take great pride in our work. Apart from this being the first Tier IV data centre in Victoria, I believe NEXTDC now have more confidence in ECS’ capabilities Australia-wide. To quote a senior NEXTDC representative, in relation to M2 testing – “The ante has been upped!”