Reaching 29 storeys, One the Esplanade is a PCA premium grade office tower that offers seamless connections to public transport, parking and cycle paths, ensuring accessibility and connectivity.

The new building, which is home to the Australian headquarters for Chevron, stands as Perth city’s most prestigious business address. With its range of premium end-of-trip facilities, onsite childcare, a fully-equipped gymnasium and executive concierge services, this is the ultimate destination for businesses seeking excellence.

ECS played a critical role on the project as the independent commissioning agent for Green Star, by conducting a comprehensive review of the design documentation. Being engaged early on, we could address potential changes before finalisation, ensuring a seamless and efficient outcome.

Throughout construction and commissioning, we actively collaborated with onsite contractors, ensuring their documentation aligned with the design brief and project objectives. Our thorough onsite reviews encompassed electrical, hydraulics, vertical transport, fire and mechanical aspects, all contributing to the commissioning report delivered to the client upon practical completion. This report serves as a record of the project’s achievements, essential for earning Green Star credits.

Through collaborative efforts and a clear agreement on procedures, we ensured the system’s accuracy and efficiency.

The project team’s expertise and adaptability, open communication and problem solving, played a key role in the successful commissioning of the project on time and so as to meet the required performance standards.


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