ECS was engaged to undertake Commissioning Management Services for the expansion of the existing Pacnet Data Centre in Sydney CBD located in a multi-storey commercial building. The project entailed:

  • A 2,000 m2 expansion of the existing 1,000 m2 technical space
  • Addition of new electrical substations, main switchboards, electrical reticulation, emergency power generators, UPS’s, STS’s, PDU’s to support the new technical space in a block redundant arrangement
  • Addition of new water-cooled chillers, cooling towers, chilled water distribution to the new technical spaces and integration into the existing chilled water system. Connections were required to be undertaken on the live system supporting the existing technical space
  • Addition of new CRACs providing precision air conditioning via a RFM to the new technical space
  • Addition of new pre-action sprinklers, smoke detection and MASDS
  • Extension of the existing water and fuel storage systems
  • Extension of the security system and Building Management System to incorporate new technical and plant space ECS’s role in this project included
  • Peer review of the design documents and inclusion of commissioning requirements
  • Review of the contractors commissioning procedures and programmes
  • Witnessing of contractors commissioning
  • Development of Integrated Site Testing procedures and leadership during the testing process