25 08 2023

5 minutes with Michael Wright, Commissioning Manager

Why commissioning? Commissioning is something I fell into right out of high school. I wasn’t seeking it out but it found me. I quickly took to it and found it very rewarding. I have a passion for understanding how things work and how they can be improved. In my late 20s, I went into carpentry and woodworking for a number of years. It was something I did in high school and I found it rewarding, especially working [...]

25 08 2023

5 minutes with Matthew Giubin, ECS General Manager

Matthew is a Commissioning Manager and General Manager of Engineering Commissioning Services. With industry experience in the residential, commercial and mission critical sectors, he has extensive experience in the commissioning of mechanical, hydraulic and fire protection systems and a sound working knowledge for the commissioning of all building services systems. Matthew, previously to joining ECS, specialised [...]

25 08 2023

Meet Omar Iqbal & learn about his favorite project

Omar has been in the building services industry since 2002 and is one of our key senior leaders and a part of our family since ECS’ inception in 2011. As State Manager for Victoria he manages the day to day operation of our office and leads the project delivery team. His leadership skills and technical expertise are key in delivering multi-million-dollar projects for ECS. Invaluable hands-on experience gained in [...]

25 08 2023

Meet Martin McGrath & learn about his favorite project

Martin McGrath is an experienced engineer with a strong construction engineering and contracting background. He is the lead engineer for our mission critical sector and oversees all of our projects across the Asia Pacific. Throughout his career, Martin has designed and managed projects in many sectors, with experience ranging from small modifications and additions to existing facilities, managing annual IST’s thr [...]

25 08 2023

Meet Troy Wilks & learn about his favorite project

Troy is a Chartered Professional Engineer with 20+ years’ experience in the design, commissioning, operation and maintenance of mechanical building services across Australasia, the UK, Europe and the UAE. He’s has building services commissioning and retro-commissioning expertise across a wide range of sectors including commercial office spaces, retail and leisure centres, residential apartment developments, educa [...]

25 08 2023

Meet Nathan Johnsen & learn about his favorite project

Nathan first entered the mechanical industry as a refrigeration apprentice before discovering the commissioning of services. He was quickly drawn to it and entered the field as a commissioning manager for a mechanical contractor. Now a senior commission manager with ECS, Nathan has grown into a well-rounded leader, commissioning all mechanical aspects across sectors such as health, education and offices. Here Nat [...]

13 08 2021

All Systems Go

When it comes time to hand over the keys to a building, how can you be sure that the systems will operate as intended? Sean McGowan opens a door onto the vital work of commissioning. Commissioning is vital in ensuring a building’s HVAC services operate as designed and intended at the completion of an installation. We asked three experts about the challenges of this process: Mark Jacobson M.AIRAH, commissioning an [...]

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