25 08 2023

5 minutes with Michael Wright, Commissioning Manager

Why commissioning? Commissioning is something I fell into right out of high school. I wasn’t seeking it out but it found me. I quickly took to it and found it very rewarding. I have a passion for understanding how things work and how they can be improved. In my late 20s, I went into carpentry and woodworking for a number of years. It was something I did in high school and I found it rewarding, especially working [...]

25 08 2023

5 minutes with Matthew Giubin, ECS General Manager

Matthew is a Commissioning Manager and General Manager of Engineering Commissioning Services. With industry experience in the residential, commercial and mission critical sectors, he has extensive experience in the commissioning of mechanical, hydraulic and fire protection systems and a sound working knowledge for the commissioning of all building services systems. Matthew, previously to joining ECS, specialised [...]

23 08 2023

Why careless commissioning causes complications

A minute of downtime can risk lives, cost millions and ruin reputation – whether that’s protecting patients by verifying essential lifesaving power or correctly calculating pressure cascade controls. Unfortunately, it often takes a major failure for operators to appreciate the value of commissioning in the design and construction process. Protection is king in hospitals. In the newly refurbished operating wing of [...]

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